September 26, 2012

Real Nursery Tour- Contemporary Coral

When it comes to designing a nursery that is not only stylish, but incredibly personal, my lovely friend Sonya Grossgold has it all figured out.  Sonya is an interior designer and the little one who is going to fill this gorgeous space is her first baby, a sweet little girl, sure to have great style just like her mom.

"I knew that I wanted it to feel feminine and cozy but also tailored and contemporary with clean lines. I also wanted it to be somewhat playful and look like a nursery, but not too 'baby-ish'." -Sonya

She started by choosing gender neutral furniture to accommidate possible future children and combined that with little pops of color and texture to delight baby's senses.  Early on, the inspiration for the room was found in the form of a sweet coral and gray elephant print fabric that Sonya found at Spoonflower.

"I had heard once that elephants are considered by many cultures around the world to be symbols of strength, wisdom, and good luck, and of course these are all things that I want for my baby girl, so I was inspired by this when I started thinking about my design for the room. Early on, I fell in love with this terrific print." -Sonya

What makes this nursery so special is the combination of Sonya's DIY touches and the many personal details around the room.  That adorable elephant fabric became the crib skirt which she learned to make from a tutorial found on Young House Love.  Her husband constructed the window cornice from plywood and L-brackets which Sonya then covered in batting and coordinating geometric fabric.

Having difficulty finding white black-out drapes, Sonya bought simple white cotton panels from West Elm and sewed in black-out lining that she purchased inexpensively from the fabric store.  She finished off the look by trimming the drapes with coral grosgrain ribbon to add a little pop of color.

The sunburst mirror was found on clearance at Home Goods and Sonya painted it with acrylic coral paint to match the room.  Inspired these tutorials here and here, she created a mobile to capture baby's interest and to ensure their Wheaton Terrier-Bischon, fur-baby Teddy was not left out!

Sonya framed the sweet little baby shoes that used to be hers in a shadowbox frame backed with seersucker fabric.  The prints framed on the gallery wall were each chosen for a specific reason and include photos of her and her husband when they were children, a photo taken in the Turks and Caicos during their "babymoon" vacation, and specially chosen colorful prints found on Etsy.

If you look closely on the ladder bookcase, you will find a beautiful conch shell.  This is one of the most special items in the room to this growing family because Sonya's husband dove for the shell while on their "babymoon" vacation in the caribbean.  The shell serves as a reminder of the wonderful time they had together while expecting their first bundle of joy, and it just so happens that the coral colors of the shell fit perfectly with the theme of her lovely nursery.

Sources for Furniture and Decor

-Silver Gourd Lamp: Target Clearance $8

-Leaning bookcase: Crate and Barrel $129

-Gray knitted ottoman: Cb2 $89.95

-Gallery-Style picture frames: Ikea

-Closet Organizer: Ikea

-Drapes: West Elm

-Sunburst Mirror: Home Goods

-"Moon Gazer Dog" Print: Etsy

-Elephant Print: Etsy

-"Today You are You" Print: Etsy

-"I am a child of God" Print: Etsy

-Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter

Follow Sonya Grossgold on Pinterest for more wonderful design inspiration!

August 11, 2012

Color Inspiration- Kelly Green

Right now I'm loving the look of kelly green combined with gold, black and white and a pop of leopard.  It is such an unexpected combination, but it just works so well that it seems like this color mix was meant to be.  What do you think?  Would you use this color combination in your home?

Kelly Green and Leopard

July 14, 2012

Blissful Bedrooms- Creating Spaces for Relaxation

We know that having a bedroom space to relax and rejuvenate after a long day at work is important, but the task of creating such a space might feel daunting to some.  Never fear!  All of the photos below are from real-life bedrooms created by real people just like you.  Creating a space that is calming, comfortable and reflective of your personal style is much easier than it looks.

Better Homes & Gardens

This beautiful bedroom combines calming blues with warm yellows and neutrals to create a space that bright, comfortable and fresh.  Traditional fabrics like this duvet can be mixed with more modern touches like the headboard and lamps to create a look that is comfortably contemporary.

Better Homes & Gardens

This lovely space mixes the natural, bohemian aspects of the beaded chandelier and window treatments pops of color and eclectic decor.

Better Homes & Gardens

I love the tropical feeling that this bedroom space evokes.  This look was created by mixing bohemian fabrics, natural seagrass textures and dashes of ocean-hued color.

Better Homes & Gardens

Eclectic and simple, this sleep space brings in tons of texture and visual detail.  By keeping the walls a neutral shade of gray, the gorgeous linens and pillows on the bed really get their chance to shine.

Better Homes & Gardens

Again we see the use of neutral gray contrasting with pops of vibrant color to create a look that is sophisticated, yet fun and modern.

Better Homes and Gardens

Ahh, there is something so calming about pure white on white.  This bedroom looks like the perfect place for creating colorful dreams and catching some serious zzz's.

The trick to creating a gorgeous bedroom space is to let the bed shine.  Choose fabrics and accessories that evoke your personal style and make you happy.  Extra points for calming colors like soft shades of blue, purple and green.  When you make the bed the focal point, your brain has no choice but to decide that this room is meant for sleeping and relaxing- no stress allowed!  Pull in coordinating colors from your favorite fabrics and accessories and keep the wall color  and furniture neutral to allow for future accessory and linen color changes.  Most of all, have fun and make it your own!

June 29, 2012

Let's Get Real

Pinterest Women

     There is one thing that I know most of us love to dream about; The perfectly decorated home.  There is one major problem with this aspiration and I feel like everyone is scared to talk about it, so let's get real.  Aside from movie sets and magazines these homes simply don't exist.  That is, if you are actually living in your home, perfection simply does not exist.  Don't get me wrong, I still love trying to create perfectly beautiful, functional, magazine-worthy spaces in my home because I am passionate about design and am always inspired by the gorgeous interior design photos that I see in magazines or on Pinterest.  But another thing I'm passionate about is family and I know one thing for sure, if you are trying to raise a family, or even if you are just trying to get through each day without the dishes piling up and mail stacking to the ceiling, I think that we can agree that our homes certainly do not look perfect all the time.  There is something to be said for how much most of us, including myself, spend days scrubbing, vacuuming, decorating and perfecting our homes before company arrives.  God forbid we let them see how we really live.

     When I went on Pinterest to search for photos of what our real homes really look like, I was quickly defeated.  I typed the words "real homes" into the search bar and after a couple seconds of searching an error message flashed on the screen.  I'm not saying that we should start photographing and displaying our lived-in homes, but what I am trying to say is that we can't hold ourselves to such a high standard when it comes to the way our homes look.  When I look around me I see a coffee table with five books on it, some finished, most half-way read.  I glance into the kitchen and I see my breakfast dishes still in the sink and if you take a peek on the counter you will see mail beginning to stack up from the week.  The photos that we see on Pinterest or in Magazines have been styled for days by people who do just that for their living.  In other words, life is not happening in these spaces mid photo shoot.  I have heard around the web that for some people looking at these perfectly styled homes actually makes them feel bad.  This is something that I fully understand and from now on, this blog is going to GET REAL.

     I'm not saying that I'm going to stop posting beautiful pictures of interior design, because truthfully I think it still can be inspiring and fun to admire them.  We just have to remember to admire them with the understanding that most of these photos are not real.  Yes, it might be slightly disappointing to some of you, but let it be a free pass for you to not have to worry about being perfect.  The fact is, no one is perfect and I hope that we can all come together in that fact, admire beautiful interior design and talk about what it's like to live in our real homes.

June 21, 2012

Get the Look

I love how this simple and chic design really lets the beautiful architectural photograph shine.  Simple furniture with hints of brass and a little pop of animal print bring the room together to create something elegant and unique.

Sweet Home Style
This look is a little on the pricey side, but by choosing to spend a little more on the larger pieces of furniture, you can consider these purchases investments.  As long as you're choosing neutrals that are well made, they will last you a long time!  Money can be saved on smaller items like lamps, rugs and decor.
New York Chic

June 15, 2012

Shades of Gray

No, I'm not talking about the scandalous book that is taking up residence in what seems like every woman's beach bag at the moment, I'm talking about the COLOR that looks so amazing in almost every shade.  Today I'm inspired by this beautiful interior that does such a great job of combining a deep charcoal wall color with a crisp white ceiling and trim as well as natural fabrics, textures and finishes.  It creates such a nice balance that feels chic, but also warm and cozy.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Shades of Gray


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