Breath-taking gardens, stunning architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine create an atmosphere that holds a special place in the hearts of many.  The setting for countless films, works of photography and art, Paris provides inspiration for its admirers, whether they have walked its streets in reality or simply in their dreams.


What is left of the Berlin wall, the barrier that divided Eastern and Western Germany, is decorated in brilliant murals that paint a picture of the struggles of division and hopes for peace that Germany once endured.  Beautiful, intricate architecture and artistically stunning murals come together to create a beautiful city that is not only rich in history, but filled with urban style. 

Today we are sailing over to the Italian island of Capri where stunning turquoise waters meet mountains that ascend into the sky.  Where grape vines wind their way through arbors, white plaster buildings climb steep hillsides and sunsets end the day with vibrant shades of tangerine.

Morocco pt. 2

Traveling to a different country, or even a new city that you have never been before can spark some of the most moving inspiration that you will ever experience.  The textures, colors, cultures, food, and music of a place that is beyond the reach of your hometown is something that will stay with you for many years.

Romantic arches, hints of bright blue, spots of moss and geometric pavers make you want to follow this path to discover what lies ahead.  Curls of wrought iron, intricate and vibrant architecture, rustically worn azure walls, and bundles of brilliant vegetables captivate the eye.

*All photos via Forever Lovely Foreign Correspondent Kerianne B.  Please ask permission for use at


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