April 19, 2011

Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

Although most people are not wallpapering every inch of their walls these days, there are so many unique ways to use wallpaper in your home.  The trick is to use it in moderation, a hint here and there, as an accent wall, or in creative decorative ways.  Here are a few ideas :)

Photo Via Interiors By Patti

Wallpaper on the ceiling can be such a fun choice in certain spaces!  Using the right choice of pattern and color is important in this situation so that the room isn't overwhelmed by the wallpaper.  A dark color or intricate pattern would cause the room to feel smaller, so base your choice around the size and shape of your space.

Photo Via Apartment Therapy
Using wallpaper behind shelves creates such a fun pop of interest and color!  What's even better is that this is a very simple project.  Just remove the shelves, cut the paper to size, and glue it in place.

Photo Via Budget Wise Home

Using wallpaper on the bottom of stairs without carpet is such a unique and beautiful way to make your home feel personalized.  I love these numbered stairs, so cute!

Photo Via Paper Jewels

Frame a large section of wallpaper for a beautiful focal point in your space!

Photo Via Apartment Therapy
I love the idea of using a fun graphic print wallpaper on one wall in a space to create interest.

Photo Via The Decorologist
Use wallpaper to breathe new life into a plain chest of drawers.  Using the paper only on the fronts of the drawers and doors creates and accent to the yellow color of the piece.

Photo Via Real Simple
I absolutely love the way books look when they are wrapped in coordinating colors and patterns.  Use wallpaper to cover old books to create an accessory that adds a pop of fun color and pattern!

Photo Via Apartment Therapy
Frame a piece of wallpaper and use it to make an inexpensive, innovative, and beautiful headboard.

Photo Via JPM Design
This kitchen uses wallpaper on the fronts of cabinets and behind shelves to add interest and color.  Lovely!

Happy Decorating!

-Forever Lovely

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