March 28, 2011

Peacock Inspired Wedding

A friend attended a wedding recently where the guests were requested to wear either white or gray.  The bride wore a peacock inspired gown with a feather print train and the bridesmaids each wore different coordinating bright colored dresses.  This is such an avant-garde wedding style and I love the possibilities that it could create!  Your wedding day is your day to shine, so why not do it in the most colorful way possible!  Here is what I came up with:

1.  These Peacock blue bridesmaid dresses from Wedding Gowns look perfect with the theme.
2.  I love the combination of purple, blue and green in this bouquet from Wedding By Color.
3.  This is such a uniquely beautiful boutonniere by Style Me Pretty.
4.  I love the mixture of purples and green and the organic shape of this bouquet from The Knot.
5.  A lovely iridescent peacock inspired bridal gown by Manolo Brides.
6.  The shade of purple in this bridesmaids gown from The Knot ties in nicely with the theme.
7.  Wouldn't this Italian villa be perfect for a wedding like this?  Photo by Destination 360.
8.  I love these purple shoes with bows from The Knot.
9.  This colorful stationary from The Knot is a definite eye catcher.

Wedding Dilemma Solved
To Impress or Digress

Ever Feel Like This?
Photo Via Something Borrowed Something Blue

     For those of you who are planning your wedding, the pressure to impress your guests with your wedding details has surely been felt.  With so many television shows and magazines displaying fabulous weddings only attainable by thousands upon thousands of dollars, many brides and grooms feel pressured to go above and beyond their means to impress their guests.  

     My suggestion is to pause and take a moment to think about the true meaning of your wedding.  Your wedding day is solely about you and your spouse to be and celebrating the love that you share.  So when making wedding decisions, choose details that are special to you and your fiancee.  After all, the loved ones in attendance on your special day are there to celebrate the two of you and your love, not the money that you spent.  

Happy Wedding Planning!

- Forever Lovely

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