March 17, 2011

Hanging Pictures Without Damaging Walls

When Hubby and I first moved in to our apartment I immediately got to work decorating and making our place a home.  After all the furniture and decorations were in place, I realized that our walls were staring back at me, blank and boring.  I wanted to hang picture frames, but I didn't want to damage the walls with nail holes because after all, we are renters.  Then I saw a commercial for Command Picture Hanging Strips and my mind went crazy with all the possibilities these little things could create!  I headed down to Walgreens, picked up a few packages of the strips and got to work.  Now I have pictures hanging in almost every room of our house all thanks to this wonderful invention!

*Just follow the directions on the package carefully and you will get a beautiful result! (I used extra strips on the frames in the photo because they hang over our bed and I didn't want them to become a safety issue).  Also, larger frames may need extra strips as well.  Good luck! :)

- Forever Lovely

*Photo by Forever Lovely

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