March 22, 2011

Spring Daffodil Color Inspiration

I was out walking my dog when I noticed that colorful daffodils are popping up everywhere!  I love how these yellow and white flowers create such a lovely springtime feeling.  I am loving the combination of yellow and gray right now, but add in a little green and white and you have a wonderful spring-feeling room!  Here is what I came up with:

1.  This room from Elle Decor does a good job of combining yellow and green in brighter hues.
2.  I love how this room from Classic Decor combines yellow and green in muted shades and breaks up the color with bright white furniture.
3.  This room from Little Loveables uses a gray palate with yellow and green as accent colors instead.
4.  This beautiful room from Cococozy uses more primary yellow and green colors with white and gray accents to balance the palate.
5.  I like how this room from Moving Designz uses yellow as an accent color against the neutral palate.
6.  This room from Decor Pad uses a neutral yellow and green color scheme that works beautifully.
7.  The collection of yellow and gray in this room from Apartments I Like creates a big impact that's not over the top.
8.  I love everything about this little yellow and gray nook from How Do I Love Thee.  The colors and styles blend perfectly.  I would love to have a space like this in my home!
9.  This room from Cococozy displays a lovely combination of green and white with a hint of yellow.

- Forever Lovely

*Daffodil photo by Forever Lovely

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  1. I'm feeling so inspired by these colors and shapes. Your picks are fantastic!


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