May 10, 2011

International Inspiration- Morocco

Traveling to a different country, or even a new city that you have never been before can spark some of the most moving inspiration that you will ever experience.  The textures, colors, cultures, food, and music of a place that is beyond the reach of your hometown is something that will stay with you for many years.  Whenever I am feeling inspired by a situation like this, I think of using this inspiration in the way of design.  Whether it is lived out in a fabric choice or the architectural layout of my dream home, inspiration from travel is more apparent in my design interests than I might initially realize.  It's only until I'm traveling again that I feel a passion for architecture, textile and color, then I am swung back into the reality that culture and travel greatly inspire design.  Here is some inspiration from Morocco, Part 2. 

*All photos via Forever Lovely Foreign Correspondent Kerianne B.  Please ask permission for use at

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