June 15, 2011

Canvas Surfboards

For as long as I've known Christian Wach, I have known him to be incredibly creative and artistic.  Since we both grew up in the same Southern California surf-town, I also know that he happens to be an excellent surfer as well.  Wach is a professional surfer who spends his days traveling the world in search of the perfect wave, finding spectacular artistic inspiration along his way.  This talented guy has turned his passion for surfing and art into his own surfboard label.  Canvas Surfboards is an art-based label whos creative team generates unique works of art out of foam and fiberglass.  Wach, the founder of  Canvas Surfboards comments on the label that is paving the way for innovative and iconic surf style.

"Above all, we want these boards not only to look rad, but ride well.  This is a collaboration by affiliation of some pretty inspirational people and we look forward to showcasing our art through our love for surfing." -Wach

Visit Canvas Surfboards for more information.

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