June 8, 2011

Minty Fresh

 While doing errands the other day with Hubby I noticed a tree that was speckled with mint green lichens that seemed to pop out against the dark brown bark.  "Wait, I have to get a picture of this!" I exclaimed out of excitement.  Confusion was written all over Hubby's face but my mind was already racing with all the pretty mint colored combinations I could create.  Here is where this inspiration led me :)

Wild Romantic | Holly Chappel Flowers | Flickr | Where The Sidewalk Begins | Fasholista | Matt Brown | Apartment Therapy | Beg Bicycles

I think that this pretty mint green color is so fresh and happy.  Add it to an outfit with a minty envelope clutch, or pair it with dark brown in a bouquet for a look that is bright and unique.  So lovely!  Now please excuse me while I satisfy my sudden craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream...

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