July 29, 2011

Outfits and Interiors

Yesterday my J.Crew catalog came in the mail.  It's the August issue and its pages are filled with their fall collection, a collection that has no shortage of beautiful jewel-tone colors, preppy stripes, hints of pastels, vibrant brights and a pop of animal print.  (Are you getting that J.Crew is my favorite store?)  While flipping through the pages of this lovely delivery, I soaked in all the beautiful details, admiring the styles, shapes, colors and patterns of the collection.  I soon found myself wondering what it would look like if these outfits were turned into an interior.  I chose a few of my favorite J.Crew looks and combined them with their would be interior.  Enjoy!
J.Crew | One Sydney Road
J.Crew | The Decorista
J.Crew | Apartment Therapy
J.Crew | Laura Casey Interiors
J.Crew | Drop Anchors
J.Crew | All Things Stylish

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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