August 2, 2011

Painted Floors

Did you watch Design Star last night?  If not, you can watch the full episode here.  If you did, you witnessed the unfortunate whitewashed floor disaster that landed Kevin in the bottom three.  This got me thinking, are painted floors a good idea or a bad one?  After doing some research, I decided that if you have enough guts to tackle a project like this, it is definitely a good one!  Here are some examples of painted floors done correctly. :)

Alisa Burke
Things that Inspire
Tilton Fenwick
Katie Maennle

So what do you think?  Do you think you could be brave enough to add some color or even a bold pattern to your floors?  If you can gather up the courage to do it, I think it makes an impact that is both fun and unique.  Although, I think I can admit that it would make me slightly nervous, even though I love the resulting look!


  1. I went to an art gallery where the owner was both an artist and author. He painted the words of one of his books onto the concrete floor of the gallery and it looked brilliant! I have concrete floors and would love to do something similar and, to be honest, if i didn't have a husband who is adamantly saying, 'No!', I would bravely take the plunge. I'm thinking about getting stickers made up and just doing sections.... that way, if he still really hates the idea, I can just peel it off. Love all of the floor designs above but I'm just not THAT brave. :)

  2. That art gallery exhibition sounds interesting! I know how you feel though, I love the look of these painted floors, but I would have to work up some serious courage to do them in my own home! The decals are a good idea!


Thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts! :)


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