March 10, 2011

French Style Nightstand Makeover

I found this French-style nightstand at a thrift store in California for $5!! I didn't like the yellow paint color, but I knew that this piece had potential and I couldnt beat the price!  A new paint job was all it took to brighten it up and to give it new life.  A simple and very inexpensive way to add a beautiful new piece of furniture to your home!



Helpful Hints:
  • When buying furniture the most important thing to look for is the quality of construction of the piece.  Some furniture is so poorly made that it won't last for more than a few years.  The great thing about buying furniture at a thrift store is that older pieces are usually made of solid wood where as newer pieces of furniture are often made of particle board and other less durable materials.  Buying a new piece of hardwood furniture at a store today will cost you BIG bucks, but buying a hardwood piece at a thrift store can be very cost effective!
  • One good way you can tell if a piece of furniture is well made is if it is made with "dove tail" corners.  This provides a much stronger seam where the wood is connected.  Find an example of what it looks like below.
  • Whenever you are painting an older piece of furniture it is important to wear protective gear, like gloves and a mask, while sanding the old paint off because old paint can often contain harmful lead.
Dove Tail Drawer

Happy shopping and renovating!

-Forever Lovely

*All photos by Forever Lovely

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  1. Looks awesome, like a new piece of furniture.


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