April 7, 2011

Living Room Design Tips

When it comes to designing your living room, things can get overwhelming very quickly.  Choosing wall colors and furniture and decor can all seem quite confusing when just getting started on your room design.  It is so important to design a living room space that is comfortable and reflective of your personality since you will spend plenty of time in that space relaxing and entertaining.  I have a few tips to help you get started if you are starting from scratch or if you have already started and you have hit a roadblock.

  • If you are just getting started with your space, shop around for a pillow or grouping of pillows in the design and color scheme that you like best for that room.  Pick something that has a variety of colors in the design like the parrot pillow above from ZGallerie.  If you already have a pillow that you love, use the colors in that piece.
  • Study the colors in your pillow carefully and pull out the colors in the fabric that you like best.  For a more visual image of your color palate, take your pillow to a home improvement store and pick out paint swatches that match the colors in the fabric.  From here you can choose a wall color that suits your personality and your space best.  Paint colors from Home Depot.
  • Purchasing your furniture is the scariest part of this room design for many people because sofas and other living room furniture can be so expensive.  Even though it may seem a little daunting, my advice is to purchase a more expensive, well made sofa in a neutral color and classic design.  This sofa will be an investment piece because if it is well made, it will last for many years to come.  Look for sofas made with hardwood (Any wood that is from  a tree with leaves, not needles) these are the most durable types.  As time goes on and you decide that you don't like the fabric color of your sofa, you can have it re-upholstered, or buy a slip cover for it.  What's most important is the construction of the piece so search for well made furniture and enjoy it for longer.  This couch is the Silhouette Sofa in Maya Taupe from Crate and Barrel.
  • Fill your space with coordinating accessories to make the room feel finished.  Using different patterns, colors and textures will give your space more visual interest.  
1.  I love the honeycomb pattern on these vases from West Elm and the colors work nicely with our theme.  Using vases to bring in a pop of color is an easy and inexpensive way to liven up the room.
2.  Using a rug is important in anchoring the space.  I love the yellow color and pattern of this on from West Elm.  When choosing a pattern and color for your rug, make sure it works with the other patterns and colors in your room.  Pick something that contrasts nicely with the color of your flooring and the color of your furniture, yet ties in with your accent pieces like pillows and vases.
3.  I love the rustic look of these candle pillars from Pottery Barn and the color ties in nicely.
4.  This adorable side table from West Elm adds a pop of textural interest in the room.

  • Add some wall art or a mirror to create interest on your walls.  Adding a collection of different, but coordinating frames add a nice touch of interest on your walls.  Tie in your color palate by using different colors of matting for the frames or in the color of the art or photos.  These gallery frames from West Elm look lovely.

Happy Designing!

-Forever Lovely

* Email me at foreverlovelydesign@gmail.com if you need any help!


  1. These are lovely designs for living rooms. A lot of homeowners will surely be thrilled to try one for their homes. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.

  2. I'm so happy you enjoyed the post! :)


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